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Jowdy & Jowdy: Firm Overview

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Danbury

The legal team at Jowdy & Jowdy takes on criminal cases for clients with an aggressive approach to defending the charge. The legal team has extensive experience and an impressive record in the courtrooms throughout the Danbury area. Each case is addressed carefully and meticulously, and a defense strategy constructed based on the evidence and other factors in the case. Not all attorneys are talented in defense law; it is frequently necessary to present the case to a jury when the case proceeds to trial. This presentation is of ultimate concern to the client, as the jury must determine if there is "reasonable doubt" that the client committed the criminal act of which they are accused. The aggressive approach to the defense serves the clients well, and the negotiating skills of the legal team often leads to a better outcome in the case, no matter how serious the charges.

Defending Criminal Charges in Danbury

The Danbury criminal defense attorney representing you in court will support you from the moment of your arrest. Through the arraignment, bail hearings, pre-trial hearings and all aspects of the criminal justice process, the guidance and protection the attorney provides could assist in achieving a better result in your case. With proven experience in the justice system and courtrooms in the area, the legal team provides professional, dedicated and aggressive defense for all types of criminal cases, including the following:

It is vital to contact the legal team at the firm as quickly as possible after the arrest; the sooner the team gets to work on the case, the more you can increase the likelihood of a better outcome, such as a dismissed charge, reduced charge or alternatives to jail or prison time. Fighting aggressively from the moment of the arrest and carefully protecting the rights of the client is critical. Each step of the process is carefully managed by the attorney representing you. Contacting the firm at once after the arrest is crucial. Fast action could lead to a better outcome in your case.

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