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Sex Crime Attorney in Danbury

Protecting Danbury Residents Against Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes are taken very seriously by prosecution and law enforcement. The penalties for sex crimes are amongst the harshest which can be administered by law. In addition to legal penalties, you will be forced to endure the accusation of a sex crime, which is enough to negatively impact your relationships with your family and friends regardless of guilt. Jowdy & Jowdy provides clients with dedicated legal representation in all sex crime related cases. They understand the negative ramifications of being accused of a sex crime and will work arduously to eradicate or lessen your penalties in a timely manner. If you are currently under investigation for committing a sex crime, ensure that you speak with a Danbury criminal defense attorney immediately.

Knowledgeable Danbury Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a sex crime it is extremely important that you hire an attorney immediately. Sex crimes can be very complex and difficult to discharge. The firm is dedicated to providing clients with driven legal representation and a thorough review of every charge which is brought against them. Sex crimes involve multiple areas of law because they violate both federal and state laws.

Most sex crimes are committed without consent. Consensual sex crimes can involve someone under 18 and in some cases the defendant is 18 or under 18. Penalties for sex crimes include prison, fines, counseling, probation, a permanent criminal record, and a requirement to register as a sex offender on a public list. If you put your case into the hands of an attorney who is not experienced in sex crimes, you could be risking your future. The firm may be able to assist you with your case and advise you as to your best course of action.

Contact a Danbury sex crime attorney today if you are facing serious charges.

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