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DUI Defense Attorney in Danbury

Fighting the Penalties of Drunk Driving

In Connecticut, drunk driving cases are referred to as Connecticut DUI or simply drunk driving. All of these terms mean driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. When there is evidence that a person is driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs or a combination, a DUI charge is filed. This type of charge is based on evidence supplied by the arresting officer that demonstrates driver impairment. A chemical test is not needed to substantiate a DUI charge.

The DUI charge is made when a chemical test reveals a blood alcohol level of .08% or more. Physical impairment does not need to have been evident. If you or a loved one have been charged with a drunk driving offense, it is critical that you contact an experienced Danbury criminal defense attorney right away. These are serious charges with severe consequences if not handled correctly and swiftly. You can have your license suspended and face jail time if you do not act immediately.

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Reputable Danbury DUI Defense Lawyer

Since a DUI charge relies on evidence of impairment, and since this evidence is known to be very subjective, your DUI defense lawyer is going to carefully evaluate the evidence and determine what can be done to discredit it. The arresting officer will have noted any type of behavioral impairment such as slurred speech and probably asked you to take field sobriety tests.

Officer evaluation and field sobriety tests can be challenged as being subjective and highly interpretive. If you were arrested, you probably had to submit to a breath or blood test to establish your alcohol level. These tests can also be challenged. Be aware that if you did not submit to this test you face a DMV license suspension for a minimum of six months.

Jowdy & Jowdy Can Fight for Your Rights

In every case, a drunk driving charge is a serious offense with severe consequences. Instead of facing a long term effects on your life due to what might have been a simple mistake, let the attorneys at Jowdy & Jowdy help you get through this legal matter by aggressively and professionally defending your case. No matter if you need help with your DMV hearing or are facing your second, third, or fourth DUI charge, you can trust Jowdy & Jowdy to give you the legal assistance you truly deserve.

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